September 30, 2007

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It's a Crowded Kennel some days. I promise, it isn't just me in there. Sometimes it's demons. Today it was termites. So surely it must be obvious why I need to get out. It frightens me! The demons were so angry last week that they bent the door on my brand new kennel. The spring on the door broke loose too, but who can blame me? I had to get out of there somehow. My life was in danger.

I got to move in to Spring's crate after that. Evidently the demons can't be exorcised from my old crate but Spring appears to get along with them pretty well. Her crate is sturdier, and if there were any demons in it they seem to have moved out with Spring. What I did find is those terrible termites. Spring had a wooden frame holding a water dish in her kennel. By the time the boss man got home today, the termites had chewed through the entire top half of it. No one else saw the little buggers, but how else could that have happened? I honestly believe I need to sleep on the bed for my own safety.


Here's a dog who would be happy to have any place to call home. Meet Zuzu. She's a sweet, loving Visla mix who has had a tough start in life. She's timid and shy and needs a family who can help her to develop into the confident beauty she was born to be. Let's hope the right family finds her soon.