May 10, 2009

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To all those moms and dogmoms out there, happy Mother's Day! I want to especially send lotsa licks to those dogmoms who treat us dogs like family. I for one don't think of myself as a furry little kid, but I do appreciate being welcomed as a full-fledged family member.

(No, Lyle, I'm not a fledgling, so no, you can't eat me. Sorry.)

And here's today's Book Club Book: Tell Me Where It Hurts by Dr. Nick Trout.

Dr. Trout is a veterinary surgeon at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, MA. The book is a day in the life of Dr. Trout, starting and ending with an unfortunate but much loved German Shepherd Dog with bloat. In between, he treats patients, performs surgery, reminisces about the past, and gives us his insight about issues such as euthanasia.

It's James Herriot in the big city--a treat for any animal lover with an interest in medicine.