June 13, 2009

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Sometimes books make us happy.  Sometimes they make us sad.  Sometimes when we are already sad the right book might help ease the hurting just a little.

One of those tough times, of course, is the loss of a beloved pet.  Here are a couple of books that might help.

First, from my good friend YujiPaw Prints in the Stars, by Warren Hanson.  This sweet little book has short verses in the voice of a pet, plus space for you to add your own mementos and memories.  What a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved pet.

Next, for the little ones who might be dealing with the death of a pet for the very first time:  Dog Heaven, by Cynthia Rylant.  This is a children's book, well written with cute illustrations.  It offers comforting thoughts of how our departed pets will never be alone, never be hungry, and can check in on their families whenever they like.

I hope that none of you need these books any time soon.  But if you do I sincerely hope that they offer you solace.