March 22. 2009

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The good part about vacation... definitely the books. We have more time to read (the boss ma'am is one of those lucky people who can read in a car) and so I have lots of new ones to tell you about.

The bad part about vacation is all the anxiety. I tend to be a little anxious by nature anyway and when the bosses start packing suitcases I start to wonder: "Where are they going?" "Will I go too?" "Are we ever coming back?"

And then when we get there, I wonder if we're ever going home again. I don't take any chances. I play it safe.

But back to the books.

Feeling introspective? Tired of those conventional sciences for peering into your personality? Dogology, by Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson is the book for you!

In it, they look at how a person's relationship with his or her (although I think they're clearly barking to the 'her' audience) dog reflects his or her personality. The main personality types are Feelers, Thinkers, and Do-ers, with subsets in each. They describe each type in realistic scenarios and have little quizzes to help your person figure out which one(s) he or she is. Then they talk about how knowing your type will affect how you interact with other people and dogs. It's fun, lighthearted, and might be pretty accurate, to boot!

The boss ma'am is an Observer with some Idealist and Soul Mate thrown in. Read the book and tell me what your people are!