February 14, 2009

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm thinking about all the tasty treats that come with this holiday.  I hope we all get some!

The boss ma'am and I have recently read another book.  It's called "Nose Down, Eyes Up" by Merrill Markoe.  It has a funny premise:  a man discovers he can not only hear his dogs talking, he can talk to them.  It's made potentially even more clever by the fact that his girlfriend is a so-called animal communicator.  Too bad the book doesn't live up to its potential.

There are some very funny bits with Jimmy, the main character's Top Dog, as he shares his wisdom with the rest of his pack and some neighbor dogs.  Turns out Jimmy considers himself their alpha because he believes himself to be a human/dog hybrid.  When Jimmy discovers he's adopted (another one of the funny bits), it sets in motion one of the major plot lines--Jimmy finds his "real" family. 

Too bad Jimmy and his owner are jerks.  (Sorry, that's not very nice of me to say, but it's true.  Wouldn't have been more realistic if it was just the owner who is a jerk?)  And this is definitely not a book for the younger set despite the cute title and the adorable picture on the cover. 

Pick this one up at the library if you still want to read it.  It does have a happy ending, so I'll give it one paw of four.

Confidential to the Book Club Members--we need some good stuff to read!  Any suggestions?