March 28, 2009

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Hi there faithful Book Club members! I've got a twofer special for you today.

First, there's a little handbook that would be the perfect puppy shower gift: Happy Dog, Happy You by Arden Moore. That title is a philosophy we can all live with, don't you think? It's a collection of a variety of tips, tricks and good stuff. It's packed with tidbits on everything from how to host a birthday party for your dog to why gum is bad for us canines. There are even recipes! It's a winner.

Next up, my very favorite dog novel to date: Dog On It, by Spencer Quinn. Mr. Quinn gets bonus points for the clever title, not that his book needs them. The story is about Bernie, a private detective, and his dog, Chet, who narrates the tale. Chet is a bright, clever detective in his own right, but he's all dog. It's a funny, entertaining book (a warning for the younger set--a little language, from the humans, of course) and I'm hoping Bernie and Chet have many more adventures.

Bernie and Chet are investigating a missing teen. She might be a runaway, or worse. Chet, through a series of coincidences, manages to solve the mystery pretty quickly, but his limited means of communication and short attention span keep the story going while Bernie unfolds the case. It's a detective story like no other I've read; usually clues are parceled out to the reader as the narrator discovers them. In Chet's case, major plot developments happen while he's napping or at the groomer and he still manages to solve the case with his own canine flair.

4 paws up for Chet and Bernie!