March 14, 2010

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Thereby Hangs A Tail

The new Chet and Bernie mystery by Spencer Quinn is at bookstores now.  The detective duo is asked to provide bodyguard services for Princess, a show dog.  The Little Detective Agency (that's Chet and Bernie) isn't too excited about the job, so they turn it down.  Moments later, Princess and her owner are kidnapped.  Now it's a Missing Persons case:  their specialty!

Chet the dog is once again the narrator of the story, and in my humble opinion, hearing a story from a dog's point of view is much more entertaining than the boring old people point of view:

"I'd never been in a plane, had no desire to, but pilots!  They turned out to be great.  At least these pilots were.  They had a cool lounge beside the runway, with a grill out front.  And what was cooking on the grill?  Burgers, burgers by the ton!  Not sure what by the ton meant, exactly, but anytime it had to do with food, good things happened.  'A burger lover, aren't you, Chet?' said the driver, who maybe was a pilot, too, possibly even the boss; everyone called her Major.  And yes, I was a burger lover, no denying it.  'Room for one more?' she said.  What a question."

You might figure out the mystery pretty early in the book but don't let that disappoint you.  Going along for the ride with Chet is a top-down, wind in your face, fun every minute adventure.

Four paw rating!

(Fans of Mr. Quinn's alter ego Peter Abrahams will get a little giggle out of a not-very-subtle hint at the alter ego's identity.)