April 13, 2010

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Now that the nice weather is back, we're all spending a little more time outside, sprucing things up and generally enjoying the springtime sunshine. I am most certainly an inside dog but I do enjoy basking in the sun when it's 70 or warmer. I would like it even better if the bosses would move a couch outside, but I make do.

I like being outside best when we're all out together. That's usually when the bosses are working in the yard, and of course I like to help. My favorite part is feeding the birds. LOVE birdseed. I taste it to make sure it's fresh. I pick up any sunflower seeds that hit the ground--cleaning up, you know. Very helpful.

I also enjoy weeding. We have some wonderfully tasty grass-like weeds that for some odd reason, the boss ma'am doesn't like. I help by munching them down a bit for her. But I've found it's so much easier to do the munching after they've already been pulled and put in the bucket. Then all I have to do is just grab one. I tear it up, eat a little, and leave the rest on the ground. Mulching! Very organic, very green.

Meanwhile, Spring is looking for mice and Lyle is bird-gazing. They're no help at all. The bosses are lucky to have me!