February 14, 2010

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Usually it's Lyle who does the Public Service Announcements, but he's all up on his soapbox about unconditional love and hateful stares and such.  I'm worried about this issue so I didn't want to wait for Lyle to get around to it.

What's the big worry?  Puppy Huffing.  Yes, it's coming to a home near you.  Maybe it only happens when you're freshly bathed.  Maybe you're like Spring and have a naturally sweet smell.  (Can you believe it?  But it's true.  She almost always smells good.)  But bosses everywhere (or at least around here) have taken to huffing us dogs--and worse!  Strangers. 

Now Dog Huffing is not quite as dangerous as the pure, uncut Puppy Huffing.  Puppy Huffing is well known for creating lightheadedness and leading to irrational decisions.  Allow this to happen to your bosses and you're likely as not to end up with a new fur sibling.  Do you really want another mouth sharing in your snack stash?  I didn't think so.

Dog Huffing, while not as likely to cut into your kibble rations, still carries risk.  Fur aspiration, for one, can lead to coughing, choking, and hairballs.  Repeated huffing can cause sleeplessness in dogs leading to crankiness and growling.  (Just ask Spring.)

Is it time for an intervention in your household?  Look for these signs:

1.  Glassy eyes

2.  Swaying upon standing

3.  Fur around the mouth and nose

4.  Random bouts of coughing and hacking

5.  Irrational urges to grab puppies from strangers

Don't let this behavior go unchecked.  Help your people to overcome this addiction.  Huff at home, in moderation only!  There is help.  There is hope.  Stop Puppy Huffing today!