February 16, 2008

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Movin' Out

I had hoped that this would be my forever home. I hoped it with all my heart. I like it here. The couches and blankets are soft. The Big Bed is the best.

But now the bosses tell me that we have to find a new home. I've done this before. It isn't easy...and that was when it was just me. Now there are 5 of us. We would like to all find a forever home together. I suppose if we had to, we could let Lyle go to another home, but Spring and I need to stay together. I need the boss ma'am and Spring won't go anywhere without the boss man.

My pack needs a home! The bosses say it has to be in Washington state, but I'm really not that picky, as long as the couches and blankets are soft. Won't you take us home with you?