February 23, 2008

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Take me home, country roads

So it seems that we will all be moving to Washington State at the end of May. The bosses assure me that we will all stay together, no matter what. I have to admit, I'm still a little nervous. We don't have a home in Washington, and I like our home here. Why give up a good thing? But it seems like they're pretty well set on the idea, so I figure I should be helpful.

I decided to make a list of what the bosses should look for in a house.

1. A big yard with nice soft dirt to dig in and critters to chase.
2. Long hallways for chasing after squeaky toys.
3. Grippy carpeting and no hardwood floors.
4. A nice big closet to keep all my toys, with a door I can open myself so I can go shopping whenever I like.
5. Trash cans in every room for my entertainment.
6. Lots of windows and skylights so I can find sunspots to nap in all over the house.
7. A doggie door--or maybe two or three.

It's a good start, anyway. I'll probably come up with more while the bosses are looking for my dream house.