August 7, 2009

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Spring and I have started a chorus.  We call it the Starving Dog Choir.

It works like this.  See, we get our 2 squares at noon and 5, give or take a few.  It's a very long time between 5 p.m. and noon.  Just ask Spring.  It is hours and hours of wondering, "Is it noon yet?" and usually the answer is no.  A couple of small dogs like Spring and myself could potentially fade into a pile of fur and bones between 5 and noon. 

Spring has taken the matter into her own paws.  She has done an admirable job of training the boss ma'am to feed us chicken jerky every morning after breakfast.  That's her breakfast, of course, since we don't get one.  Lately Spring has taken the boss ma'am's training to a new level.  The boss ma'am is not allowed to dawdle in the morning and read the paper or drink her tea.  As soon as the last bite of cereal is eaten, she is supposed to feed us our jerky.  Spring has developed a novel way to tell her when it's time...we sing.  And so the Starving Dog Choir was formed.

I sing soprano.  Spring sings second soprano, or sometimes alto.  She actually has a pretty wide range, but between you and me, I do a much better job on the high notes.  Lyle has a lovely tenor voice but we haven't been able to convince him to join the choir, although he always manages to wander in just in time for the chicken.

The boss ma'am says that we should be a garage band.  I'm not sure exactly what she means by that but I suspect she's overwhelmed by our talent.  She's lucky to have us!