July 16, 2009

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The bosses wonder from time to time what it is that constitutes Good Eats to a Biggie (that's me). The short answer to that, of course, is everything! There really aren't too many things I won't eat.

Lettuce? Love it!
Pickles? The dillier the better!
Olives? Well, they're really only just okay but actually pretty good if there happens to be some pizza cheese still on them.
Orange peel? Oh, yeah!

About the only traditional food item I won't eat is raw rhubarb. (But cook it up with a little sugar and I'm all over it.) I say traditional because that hints at the bigger question we're skirting around: What actually is food?

Edible versus non edible is a ridiculous distinction if you ask me. Everything is edible. It all goes down the hatch. It might not stay there, though. Which leads to my method of distinction: nutritious versus non-nutritious. I think this makes a lot more sense. Anything can be food. Some of it just doesn't happen to be good for you.

Case in point: stuffed squeaky toys. Of course I eat the fuzzy soft stuff on the outside. Of course I eat the fuzzy soft fluff stuff on the inside. It's not nutritious but it is still good to eat. Edible? Well, of course! Food? Why not? But not nutritious. I think that answers all the questions, don't you? Let's eat!