August 31, 2009

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Get me outta here!!

I've been abducted. Cut open and thrown in jail. Help!

I know Lyle would say that it was aliens but I suspect that's probably not the case. In fact I'm fairly certain it wasn't an abduction at all but rather more of an abandonment. And I want to come home!!

About the abandonment. See, I was feeling pretty lousy Saturday. Upset stomach and all that. I do this sometimes. So we weren't particularly worried until Saturday night when I started to get really uncomfortable. So the bosses abandon me at the emergency vet. Can you believe it? Sure, they say they stuck around for hours until the vets asked them nicely to go home, but I know abandonment when I experience it. During this time, I am force fed Barium and X rayed. Remember that whole conversation about food and not food? Well, I need to revise my definition from Nutritious/Not Nutritious to Digestible/Indigestible. Unfortunately. Toys? Not Digestible. Not passable either, in my experience. So then there's the surgery.

Now I'm back at my regular vet recuperating. They say that I can't go home until I eat. I say NoWayNoHow am I eating here. The boss ma'am and I have hatched a plan. She's coming back to see me again tonight before closing and if they won't let me go then she's going to abduct me anyway and take me home. To make up for abandoning me yesterday and all. Only fair, don't you think? And I'll eat when I'm good and ready. Maybe even some Digestibles, just to make her happy.