September 12, 2009

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I am happy to report that I've traveled the Road to Recovery and arrived at Recovered.  It's a nice place to be.  Other than my seriously embarrassing furcut, you'd be hard pressed to know that anything happened.  Once again, I have to thank everyone for all the well wishes!  Thank you!

In addition to the shaved belly and legs (3 of four shaved.  Why? I ask you.  I have no idea.)  I also have a big shaved square on my right side where I had a pain patch.  The fur there isn't growing back very quickly--in fact I'm not sure it's grown back at all yet.  The boss ma'am wonders if she should post messages there.  Or sell the space for advertising.  Quite the comedian, the boss ma'am.  It does get me a few second glances, though, so maybe I should put something there.  Like "Quit staring."  Or "How do you like my haircut?"

All in all I'm pleased that things are more or less back to normal.  I did notice that in my absence all my toys disappeared.  One tiny little toy ingestion and bowel obstruction in 8 years and suddenly I have no toys.  Overreacting?  Just a touch, I should think.  Not to worry.  I'll find some way to entertain myself.  I'm thinking trash cans, just for starters.  Maybe defluffing a dog bed.  Maybe then the bosses will change their minds about the toys!