April 16, 2010

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Help!  Someone please adopt this dog!

Meet Cesar.  Or Sebastian.  He doesn't really care what you call him.  This little pup has spent most of his short life at the Benton Franklin Humane Society.  The rest of his litter got adopted quickly, but still he waits.  He actually went to a home for a week or so--just long enough to get another name--and was returned. 

I know it's been a while since I've introduced any of my shelter friends.  The Boss Man has been doing a pretty good job getting them noticed on his website, and I've been busy reading...well, I know, it's no excuse.  Cesar/Sebastian here has motivated me to do better.  In no small part because I'm afraid the Boss Ma'am will cave and bring him home.  Around here if you have more than 3 pets you have to have a special license and (according to the bosses, who I think are joking) a psychiatric evaluation. 

The Boss Ma'am says this pup is the snuggliest one she's ever met.  Too bad she never knew me as a puppy!  C/S here is going to be a big ol' lap dog.  He's a lab/shepherd mix maybe and growing like a weed so I'd guess he'll be about 60# or so.  Right now he's still small enough that the Ma'am can pick him up.  When she does, he wraps both front paws around her neck and tucks his head next to hers.  She gets a whiff of puppy breath and puppy fur and she's done for.  She says he's like a little koala bear.

So now you understand why I'm pleading!  This guy needs a home, pronto!  I don't like to be picked up and I can't deal with this level of competition.  I'm the snuggle dog!  I'm the cuddler! 

Little meltdown there, sorry about that.  Better now.  Anybody need a puppy?  Anybody?