October 21, 2007

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About the crate. It's not so much that I hate the crate, exactly, as that I hate being all alone. I like to be near. I'm not picky about who I want to be near, just someone. Spring works well. I love being near the bosses too. I'd love to be near Lyle and rest my head on his big furry bottom but he doesn't let me do that very often.

Here's what happened. I was left behind in my crate while the bosses went out for something or other. I got lonely, so I worked my way out. I couldn't figure out how to spring Spring or Lyle, so I wandered around looking for some company. I greeted the bosses at the door. They appeared to be surprised and delighted. So I did it again. It was a little tougher the next time, since the boss man had carefully locked the crate door and also put a carabiner hook on the door. But I managed. I use my teeth. Clever of me, don't you think? At any rate, I was free again but still all alone. So I decided to entertain myself. I checked out the trash. I wandered downstairs to find something to eat. Suddenly, there's this horrible ear-shattering noise. What could it be? I had no idea, but very soon the boss man came home. Then the police came. I had a lot of company. What fun! I learned a good lesson that day. How Not To Be Lonely In A Crate.

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