November 13, 2007

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From a distance...

That's how I like the ocean, thank you kindly.

Everyone probably already knows from Lyle and Spring that we were on vacation. It was quite a trip. We all piled in the truck and drove to meet Kiko and Josie and their mom and dad. We walked and sniffed while all the furless ones talked and we all had a wonderful time.

Then we drove some more. We ended up at the edge of the world, I think, because the land is gone. They call it the beach, and it is apparently a wonderful thing to be here. I'm not so sure about that. Without a doubt, there are interesting things to smell on the beach. Some of the things are even kind of tasty. There birds of all sizes to chase, which I like.

But then there's the ocean. I really can't say that I care for it much. It's big, and noisy, and it tries to grab my feet. Why can't we walk in the grass? Why must we walk in the big sandbox? What I wouldn't give to be in my very own yard right now. But it could be worse--at least I'm not anyone's Chum Buddy.