September 1, 2007

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A long strange trip

I have started this journal in order to faithfully record the strange events of the last month or so.

About a month ago, the family I knew divided and nobody wanted me. I guess they thought the Woodford Humane Society did. They nice people at the shelter treated me very well. I assumed that this was my new forever home, so I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. I met lots of nice people and lots of nice dogs. (Some of them still need homes, you know, but I'll bark more about that later.)

One day a kind lady came in to offer me a new home. I was surprised. How many homes would I have? We lived together for a few days but she decided she didn't want to keep me. I'm not sure why. She took me back to the shelter, where I guess I'll always have a home if I need one. They're nice that way.

A couple of days later another nice lady and her husband came in to offer me yet another new place to live. It sounded good to me, so I went. As soon as I arrived, it was time for a walk. This home was looking pretty good so far. But it turned out I wasn't alone. There were already 2 dogs there.

I wondered for a while if I had landed in a new country or on a new planet. The native dogs act so differently from what I'm used to! I don't understand their culture at all. They speak with words I don't understand. The dogs of this strange household are suspicious of me. I have tried my very best to show them that I mean no harm. I'm not sure they are very intelligent; they don't seem to understand anything I say. I have resorted to communicating in ways they seem to comprehend: toys. They seem pleased if I bring them a toy. My reasoning is that if the natives are happy, they will treat me well and perhaps adopt me as one of their own. I think I'd like that. They seem to be a kind-hearted bunch.

I'm hoping this is my last new home.


I look nice here, don't you think?come closer...let me smell you