October 26, 2009

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The Unscratchables by Cornelius Kane, is billed as "a new breed of crime novel." Quite frankly, I had to check to see if Lyle wrote it. It's much better writing and more clever than anything Lyle's written, but it's so completely Lyle-ish I had to check to be sure.

Here's the story: Detective Max "Crusher" McNash of the Slaughter Unit in the Police Dog Force is a hard headed, tough as nails bull terrier. He's called to the scene of a double murder--2 rottweilers are dismembered on the docks in a rough district of the Kennels.

When the evidence points to a cat as the perpetrator, the Feline Bureau of Investigation is brought in to partner up with the Slaughter Unit. Crusher has a deep-seated hatred for cats, and Siamese in particular--he was a prisoner of the North Siamese in the war. When the FBI liaison turns out to be a smooth talking, impeccably dressed Siamese, it's almost more than Crusher can handle. But he's a good dog at heart, and obedience trained, so he buries his instincts and partners with Cassius Lap in the investigation.

What they uncover is a conspiracy extending to the highest levels of government, canine and feline. In the process, Lap and McNash form a bond of partnership and incorruptibility--together they become the Unscratchables.

Lyle for sure gives this one a 4 paw rating. If you like a little cheese with your novels, you're sure to enjoy it. Watch out for some eye-rollers and groaners, but all in all it's a smile from start to finish.