October 10, 2009

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Play Dead

That's the title of my latest Book Club book, a novel by David Rosenfelt. It's a good one!

Lawyer Andy Carpenter is really, really rich, so he gets to pick his clients pretty carefully. They don't even have to be human. When Andy rescues golden retriever Reggie from death row at the shelter, he finds himself tangled in a different sort of life and death mystery. Reggie's owner is spending his life in prison for the murder of his fiancee. Reggie was with them on a boat when the supposed murder and then attempted suicide occurred, but Reggie was never found. When Andy rescues Reggie from the shelter, it becomes clear that what happened on the boat was not so simple. Andy takes on Reggie's owner as a client, and goes to work setting things right.

It's a fast paced, engaging story with a dog loving protagonist. Two paws up from me. Plus Mr. Rosenfelt gets extra bonus points for his good works: he and his wife started the Tara Foundation, which has found loving homes for over 4000 dogs.