March 26, 2008

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It seems it wasn't a home invasion after all. The men that swarmed the house may actually have come to help us. They've installed a new shield on the top of our house. Lyle says this is to protect us from space aliens. Lyle may be a little crazy.

At any rate, we are all safe and sound with only one minor scare. Seems Lyle can't keep up with us girls any more. He sprained his wrist or something trying to catch me in the yard (as if!) and then spent the next day sulking in his crate because the boss man took him to the vet. Turns out he's fine (Lyle that is, but I suppose the boss is too, oh, and the vet also, but she's a she) other than his attitude. I haven't found anything in my research here that would help me to understand why he is like he is (Lyle that is). Maybe I need to delve into his puppyhood. He doesn't talk about it very much other than to say that he was adorable. Perhaps he's repressing memories of an event from his puppy days. That could explain a lot. If I can get him in a talking mood, hopefully I can help him to learn to deal with his past. Wish me luck.