March 22, 2008

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Up on the Rooftop

I don't want to alarm anyone, but we are under attack. A gang of men descended on our house this morning. They arrived early, in three big trucks. I can't figure out why they singled out our house, but they did. Now they have ascended to the roof and are tearing the house apart shingle by shingle.

If they want to hurt us, why didn't they just come in the front door? Or break the windows? What do they want from us? I just don't understand. We try to be nice to everyone. Well, most of us do. Spring is sometimes kind of sassy. We pick up after ourselves. (Or at least the boss man picks up after us.) Clearly they have some kind of plan. They appear to be very organized.

I fear this attack may go on for days. I will try to keep you all informed. Please don't worry for me too much. If they demand a sacrifice I can always give them Lyle.

Just kidding.