December 24, 2007

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It's possible I may have committed a fashion fauxpaw.  The trouble is, it's cold.  Darned cold.  Not Wisconsin cold, of course, but Kentucky cold is plenty cold for me.  I just can't stay warm. 

Some good friends bought me a fancy jacket like the racehorses wear.  It's waterproof and windproof and oh-so-fashionable here in horse country.  Trouble is, I'm still cold.  So I added a fleece coat.  Spring's old coat, to be exact.  Still cold.  I added a scarf.  Now I'm doing a little better.  Lyle's the dedicated follower of fashion, not me!



Here's my dilemma, though:  I'm wearing plaid, prints, and stripes.  Is it a fashion fauxpaw?  Or am I making a fashion statement?  Does it make me look fat?tell me the truth, boss man






I think we should probably avoid the issue altogether and move someplace that has more civilized weather.  I'm thinking Ecuador.

Till then, look for me in the sunny spot on the floor.  Happy Holidays, everyone!