December 15, 2007

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I learn new things every day.  I'm still learning the peculiar language we use in this house. The bosses have special words for certain things.  Of course I figured out "sit" and "down" in a hurry.  I'm still not exactly sure what they mean when they tell me to "stay".  Where would I go?  I like it here.

The newest words I've been hearing a lot are "drop it".  The bosses tell me "drop it" when I'm busy really enjoying a toy.  When I find one I love (which is most any toy) I like to try to make it part of me, so I'll remember it always.  I rip off a piece (or several) and eat them.  That way the happiness that I had with the toy will be with me always.  Lately, the bosses have been saying "drop it" as soon as I get that special little piece detached.  Then they stick their fingers in my mouth, fish out the little piece, and throw it away.  Such a strange ritual.  I really don't understand the point.  I'm happy to get the little piece out of the trash but I have to do that when they're not looking or they say "leave it" which is another one of those odd local idioms. 

As best I can tell, "drop it" means "swallow that quick."  I think "leave it" means "we don't like seeing you dig through the trash so you should save that for when we're not looking."  I do my best to please them.