December 13, 2009

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Bliss to you!

Trixie Koontz is the most prolific canine author I know.  As the former dog of author Dean Koontz (Trixie passed on a few years ago, but her spirit lives on and so she continues to write) she's written three books.  Bliss to You is her latest offering.

In her new book, Trixie offers her 8 steps to help humans find bliss.  Of course, most of us dogs already know these steps--we live in that state of bliss, lucky us!  But alas, the people we live with get caught up in all the crazy things that humans think are important and miss their bliss.

But of course, Trixie is also a dog and can't help injecting her own doggie special style to the book.  It's a sweet treat, and I give it four paws. 

Trixie's tips for appreciating the beauty in life (step 2 on the path to finding bliss):

"To see beauty of world, you must really, really, really look.  Not look through.  Not look at.  Must look into.  Most of time, you look at tree and see new car you want or problem at work.  Not good.  Is looking through, mind too busy to see.  Or you look at tree and see just tree.  Is good to see just tree if driving car, so won't hit big old oak, have huge repair bill, be required to take breathalyzer test.  But look at tree and see just tree is only looking at.  Look at tree, see strong roots vanish in earth, see texture of bark so intricate, limbs like vaulted ceiling in cathedral, green leaves that breathe, lacework of shadows and sunshine, see giver of shade on hot day, barrier to wind, shelter to birds, lumber to build homes. See the miracle that is tree.  This is looking into."

And I want to say thanks again to Yuji for the recommendation for Rescue Ink.  I just got it from my library and so far it's a winner!