November 20, 2008

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Don't go breakin' my heart!

Hi.  My name is Sara.  Miss Maebe said I could use her space to say a few words.  So hi.

This is me.  I live at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society.  I used to have a sister there. 

This is us.  My sister got adopted and now I'm all alone.  Well, not alone exactly.  There are other dogs, I know, because I can hear them.  I can't really see them because I'm in a concrete enclosure.  I can see the shelter workers when they come by to say hello or clean my space.  They're really very nice to me.  But there is nowhere to play and no one to play with.  My shelter doesn't even have any outdoor dog runs.  It's not their fault.  There's just too many of us and not enough space or money to go around.  I guess it's like that at a lot of shelters.  I'm lucky, though, because my shelter will offer me my little concrete enclosure for as long as I need it.  Lots of dogs don't even get that chance.  But I don't really want to grow up here.  I know there is a big wide world out there and I would so much love to see it.  Maybe with you?

Imagine yourself in this picture!  That could be you, right there.  I promise I will love you forever!


Maebe here!  Isn't she sweet?  She's a Jack Russell/Boston Terrier mix and she needs a home!  Pretty please?