May 31, 2008

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Hello!  This is my first bark from Washington state.  I have to say, I am thrilled to be here.  Washington is beautiful.  And so dog friendly!  There are trails and paths for us everywhere.  It is warm and sunny during the day and cool and breezy in the evenings.  I can sun myself all day and snuggle under the covers at night.  What could be better?

A funny thing happened on the way here.  We stopped to visit Star, Winnie and Tim and their mom and dad in Nebraska.  They were so nice.  I could have stayed with them forever.  The funny part is that it wasn't until Tim's mom mentioned how much he and I look and act alike that the bosses noticed it too.  We look a lot alike.  And we act a lot alike!  He is a little blonder than me and his ears are shorter, so is his tail.  But I am pretty sure we have some common branch in our family tree.  The bosses have taken to calling me Red Tim because we look so much alike.  Why he can't be Blond Maebe, I'm not sure.  Either way, I'm proud to have him in the family!