July 3, 2010

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I thought it was time for me to do a very special Dog Therapy book, Jenni's Journal by Jenni, as told to her owner, Linda Dunn. Jenni was a natural for Pet Therapy. She and Linda were ambassadors for Pet Therapy--they helped start programs in several hospitals! In fact, Linda and Jenni brought Pet Therapy to our area. The bosses have met this special lady (but sadly not Jenni, who passed away several years ago) and she's helped the Boss Man set up photography sessions for all the therapy dogs in our area. She spends most of her days helping out witht the therapy program in our local hospitals. She's a blessing to so many people.

Jenni's Journal was started as a series of articles for a hospital newsletter. Everyone there loved her visits and her stories, so eventually Linda decided to collect her writings into a book. It's a delightful read--touching and funny. Through Jenni's eyes I got an idea about what it's really like to be a therapy dog. (Hint: It's a lot of work!) Jenni loved it. And she helped a lot of people. Her work with a lady who was in a coma and eventually recovered ended her up on national news. She even met the President! But Jenni was no braggart. She just could tell when people needed her and knew just what to do to help.

I'd like to send a special thank you to Linda and Jenni for helping to bring Pet Therapy to so many hospitals---especially here!