August 31, 2008

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Second Meeting of the Book Club

Welcome, Book Club Members! I have a good one for you today. It's The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. I have to thank my good friend Angus the Warrior for this book.

It is told by Enzo, a wise old dog on the eve of his passing. He takes stock of his life and the lessons he has learned. He hopes to be reincarnated as a human in spite of all their flaws and foibles, so he has spent his life as a keen observer of humankind. He is also a keen observer of car racing, since his owner is a race car driver.

Even readers who don't know much about racing will appreciate the analogy:

"I know this much about racing in the rain. I know it is about balance. It is about anticipation and patience. I know all of the driving skills that are necessary for one to be successful in the rain. But racing in the rain is also about the mind! It is about owning one's own body. About believing that one's car is merely an extension of one's body. About believing that the track is an extension of the car, and the rain is an extension of the track, and the sky is an extension of the rain. It is about believing that you are not you; you are everything. And everything is you."

Happy reading!