Happy Loo Year!

Every year is the year of the Lyle. Or it should be, anyway.

So, anyone making any resolutions? Me, I was just having this conversation with my pal Dottie Mae, and I decided to make a list.

No, silly, of course I don’t need to make any resolutions. I’m perfect. But the bosses, well, maybe not quite so perfect. In fact they could learn a lot from me.

AnyLoo, here’s my list of resolutions for the bosses so far:
1. Feed Lyle more. And more often!
2. Share more food with Lyle.
3. Take Lyle for more walks.
4. Let Lyle eat anything he finds.
5. Let Lyle bark as much as he wants.
6. Let Lyle go back to the In-N-Out burger.

There’s probably more, but like I told Dottie, my bosses are pretty lazy so there’s not much chance I’ll get them to do more than this. But I do have a whole year, so maybe I’ll think of some more things they should do to make my life better.

Happy New Year!

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