22nd street

I had planned to tell you about the In-N-Out adventure today but the Boss Ma’am says there’s a more important story to tell today. When she told me what happened, I agreed.

Last week the bosses were jogging along 22nd street here in Tucson and saw that something bad had happened across the street. Police cars, crime tape, the whole 9 yards. Later they found out that shortly before they went by a boy had been running across the street and was hit by a car. The boy was killed in the accident. It was a sunny afternoon. He was only 13.

Fast forward to today. Bosses jogging, same street, a few blocks up. They notice a man in the median next to a dog. The dog was lying way too still. Turns out the dog had been hit by a car and left to die. The man noticed him there and flagged down someone to call Animal Control. The man and the bosses waited there and a few minutes later Animal Control arrived but it was too late for the dog. All they could do was help load him into the back of the truck and hope that he had a microchip because his collar had no tags. It was a sunny afternoon. He was a beautiful blue pit bull.

Please drive carefully.

Please tell your kids to use the crosswalks and be careful where there is traffic.

Please keep your dogs safe.


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